Saturday, August 31, 2013

Yankee Candle Tart Sale Haul

I was actually able to get to a Yankee Candle store for their sale this time around.  Not like I NEED anymore, but I had a coupon, so how could I resist? :)  Please excuse how gross my carpet looks in this picture, I have horrible lighting in this room so it looks really dirty, but I promise it isn't. :)  Here are the descriptions of the tarts that I picked up:

Pineapple Cilantro-Give yourself up to the refreshing surprise of this tropical treat.  Fresh island pineapple served with a citrus touch of cilantro and sweet coconut is a bit like sipping a tropical drink al fresco.  The experience encourages you to escape the mundane if ever so briefly-and enjoy the soothing sensation of sitting on a tropical beach.  Even the pineapple fragrance's unexpected soft leaf green color plays into the desire to escape the ordinary.
Golden Sands-Your private beach awaits, where time pauses in soft breezes of soothing sandalwood, luminous orange flower and warm tonka beans.
Farmer's Market-Autumn's freshest bounty..sweet berries, juicy apples, succulent peaches, and warm spices.
Turquoise Sky-Calm, salty air with hints of sea grass and musk, float gently on ocean on an adventure beneath a bright blue sky.
Autumn Wreath-Welcome the season cheerfully with the spicy warmth of autumn leaves and cinnamon apples.  Just as wreaths hung on the front door signals the change in season, the subtle notes of apple and cinnamon spices tell everyone who visits your home that they are as welcome as the new season.
Mango Peach Salsa-Sweet and zesty..juicy mangoes and peached livened with citrus, ginger flowers, and pink pepper.
Pumpkin Wreath-The wreath on the front door signals the change of seasons and welcomes family, friends, and visitors.  The irresistible aroma of fall pumpkins, infused with earthy oakwood, hearty cinnamon bark, and clove, warmly welcomes the season, too.  This nature-inspired scent contains apple, resinous spice, and wood notes that play beautifully off the true-to-life pumpkin fragrance.
Cranberry Chutney-A traditional fall favorite, in an inviting deep red "cranberry" color that warms every decor, this fragrance delivers sweetness, not the expected tartness of the berry.  Orange zest, rosemary, raisins, and a touch of golden honey, blended with fresh cranberries, create a concoction, as memorable and inviting as those chutnies Grandma lovingly brought to boil in autumns past.
Macintosh-So vividly real you can almost taste the unmistakable crunch.
Lake Sunset-The serene beauty of the sun's golden rays as they dip into still blue waters and cast a soft pink tone against the sky is a subtle reminder that we need to slow down and appreciate life's quiet moments.  Sweetly musky and moody, calling to mind the descent of nightfall, this fragrance will help you pause and reflect on those special slices of the day.
Meyer Lemon-A bright and sunny citrus..perfectly ripe, with a naturally sweet and refreshing scent.
Hazelnut Coffee-A full-bodied blend of java suffused with macadamia nut, vanilla, and cocoa bean.
November Rain-A rainy fall days stirs up many emotions, as does this intoxicating, masculine, and moody fragrance with deep watery notes.  In it, you'll discover the quiet interlude of the season reflected in an airy, refreshing mix of watery leaf notes, warm amber and crisp, brisk air.  All perfectly suited for cozying up inside and watching the rain from your window.
Treehouse Memories-Warm, earthy woods wrapped in sweet, familiar spices evoke memories of crisp autumn days spent amongst the changing leaves.
Early Sunrise-A new day dawns crisp and fresh in this clean lemony citrus scent with hints of ginger and tea.
Over The River-A cool and calm stroll by the river..watery green notes with hints of sage, amber, and oak.
Summer Scoop-Delicious memories of creamy, homemade strawberry ice cream on a hot summer day.
Cozy Sweater-There's nothing quite as comfy as curling up in an oversized sweater, soft as a flower petal on a cool fall day.  This fragrance's warm touches of musk and patchouli will have you kicking back and relaxing in no time at all.  You'll find a nice floralcy to the scent, accompanied by a warm base..almost amber-like.
Blueberry Scone-The delicious aroma of English quickbread with sweet blueberries, rich cream, and a hint of vanilla.
Mountain Lodge-A luxurious retreat in front of a cozy hearth, warm with the aroma of cedarwood and sage.
Sun & Sand-A tropical beach breeze of sweet orange flower, lemony citrus, fresh lavender, and powdery musk.
Apple Pumpkin-Cultivated with care..home-grown apples and pumpkins blended with ginger and clove.
Pomegranate Cider-A fall treat..tart pomegranate juice with sweet vanilla and spicy notes of cinnamon and cloves.
Pumpkin Pie-Sweet pumpkin, nutmeg, molasses, cinnamon, and a hint of apple in a buttery crust.
Pumpkin Buttercream-Buttercream gets a spicy twist..a traditional recipe of pumpkin, vanilla, cinnamon, and clove.

Fall Bath & Body Works Haul #3

I finally got to Bath & Body Works earlier this week to pick up the rest of my fall stuff.  I live about an hour and a half from the closest one so I don't get there as much as I would like to.  Nonetheless, I got what I wanted so I'm happy.

I was debating between getting the leaf plug-in or the pumpkin one, I eventually went with the leaf because the color pulled me in and I already bought a pumpkin last year.  Here are descriptions of the bulbs that I got:
Pumpkin Apple-Experience the blend of your two favorite fall scents-apple and pumpkin-enhanced by notes of cinnamon and clove.
Cider Lane-As sweet as the trip to the local apple orchard each year, a delicious fall blend of mulled cider, warm caramel, and sweet cinnamon.
Autumn-A crisp fall fragrance that blends dark pomegranate and red delicious apple with notes of fir balsam and rich cedarwood.
Flannel-Wrap yourself in a warm blend of bergamot, mahogany, and a delicate veil of musk. (This one smells like Vicks to me, might be good when you have a cold, who knows!!)
Leaves-Like an afternoon spent playing in a pile of freshly fallen leaves, this fragrance embodies all the richness of the season and features a medley of ripe delicious apples, red berries, and golden nectar.
Pumpkin Cupcake-Satisfy your sweet tooth with the scent of a freshly baked pumpkin cupcake covered in loads of rich buttercream frosting.

Pocket Bacs
I was looking for a fall-ish holder, but didn't see any that I liked.  So I settled for the zebra, anyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with zebra print.  Here are descriptions of the ones that I got:
Heirloom Pear-Lightly scented with heirloom Anjou pears plucked fresh from the tree.
Pumpkin Cupcake-A sugary blend of warm pumpkin and enticing gingerbread sprinkled with freshly ground cinnamon.
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin-A scrumptious blend of pumpkin, brown sugar, and ground cinnamon.
EEK! Yummy Mummy Marshmallow-Lightly scented with a yummy indulgence of fluffed marshmallows and sweet vanilla cream.
Hoot Berry-Lightly scented with blackberries and cherries.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Bath & Body Works Fall Candle Haul #2

So I finally got the rest of my fall candles today!!  I only got 4 because I already had most of the ones that I wanted, my store didn't have these ones so I had to get them online.  I love them all!!

Descriptions from the website:
Pumpkin Hayride-Capture all the fun of an autumn hayride in this blend of pumpkins, caramel cider, and golden oak.
Cider Donut-Indulge in the fragrance of a beloved baked treat with a blend of freshly picked apples, cake donut, and a hint of cinnamon.
Flannel-Wrap yourself in a warm blend of bergamot, mahogany, and a delicate veil of musk.
Applewood Bonfire-Warm up to the cozy scent of an autumn bonfire-apples, crackling barks, and fresh cut wood.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What I'm Melting Today 8/27/13

Yankee Candle Tart-Vineyard

Description from the website:
Fresh from the vine, a powerful blend of ripe and sweet grapes.

Summer is still holding on here, it's another hot day!!  I love anything grape, so this scent is right up my alley!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

What I'm Melting Today 8/26/13

Yankee Candle Tart-Meadow Showers

Description From The Website:
Daydreaming of a quiet escape..the naturally tranquil and airy scent of fresh raindrops on blades of green grass.

It's a hot one here in Minnesota.  Some of the schools around here have let out early because of the extreme heat.  Thankfully I have the day off so I am staying inside in the air conditioning!!  I'm cleaning the house today so I like to have clean scents melting.  This one reminds me of fabric softener, it makes the whole house smell fresh and clean!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

What I'm Melting Today 8/22/13

Scentsy Bar-BananaBerry

I have SOO many Scentsy bars so I decided to start melting them again.  I even have a bunch I've never melted!!  This is one of them.  I usually don't like banana scents at all, so I was a little nervous to order this one.  This is one of the few that I like.  It's not that gross artificial banana scent.  It's really sweet and creamy.

From the Website:
Lusciously sweet banana cream layered with succulent strawberries.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

What I'm Melting Today 8/17/13

Granny's Kountry Candles Simmering Melt-Goofy Grape

This is one my all time favorites.  It smells just like grape Kool-aid!!

It's been a bit of a crazy week which is why I haven't been posting much.  It's my last weekend at my job before I start my new one, so hopefully next week will be better.  Bare with me!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Granny's Kountry Candles Haul

We are off to yet another rodeo tomorrow so I figured I would give you guys something to look at since I won't be able to post tomorrow :).  I believe all these scents are now either discontinued or are being reformulated.  There was a sale about a month ago and I got all of them for 50 cents.  I only got one of each because I have WAY too many Granny's tarts to begin with.

These are the scents that I got:
Oceanfront Stroll
Old Fart
Fruit Salsa
Fun In The Sun
Paradise Cove
Remember When..
Passin' Time By The Pool
Fruit Cobbler
Kinky Cougar
English Ivy
Ylang Ylang
Frog Freckles
White Tea & Ginger
Mid-Life Crisis
Hazelnut Heaven
Magic Man
Get Over It!
Domestic Diva
Sun, Surf, & Sand
Tanlines & Tattoos
Pineapple Peach Paradise
Cuddle By The Fire
Coastal Breeze
Skinny Bitch
Head In The Clouds
Personal Paradise
Brain Fart
Beach Baby
Aloe & Cucumber
Bunny Brigade
Blonde Moment
Berry Me In The Sand
Hawaiian Hideaway
Muffin Top
Bushel Basket
Bear Bottom
Snowman Poop
Talk Dirty

I also got 2 of the small scoopables.  I've had samples before but I decided to get some in my two favorite scents, Green Apple and Goofy Grape!!

What I'm Melting Today 8/12/13

Last night I made a trip to Walmart and finally got my hands on one of these gems.  Everyone has been raving about them and I figured it was worth a try since it was only $9.98.

Granny's Kountry Candles Simmering Melt-Stormy Weather

I decided to try a Granny's tart in it today and I am blown away!!  People have been saying these work really well for Rose Girl's too so I will have to try it out.  Well worth it!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

What I'm Melting Today 8/11/13

Yankee Candle Wax Melt-Granny Smith

Description from the website-The exhilarating tartness of crisp green apples picked right from the tree.

It's a lazy Sunday today, until I have to go to work that is..:(.  Last night we had another rodeo and it went really well!!  I was so proud!!  We have another one on Tuesday and then we're done for a few weeks.  I have some hauls to do this week so stay tuned!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

What I'm Melting Today 8/8/13

Scent Illusion-Peachy Ice Cream

I am so impressed with this vendor!!  Everything is so strong and throws forever!!  I have it in my bedroom and I can smell it throughout the whole house.  I love this scent as well.  It is very warm and creamy, with just the right amount of peach.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bath & Body Works Fall Candle Haul

It has happened.  I always go a little crazy with BBW candles, especially the fall ones.  They are always so good and this year is no exception.  I didn't get all the ones I wanted because I ordered these a few weeks ago and not all of them were online yet.  There's still a couple that I want to get yet, but I think I will wait until I order all my wallflowers and stuff.

These first 5 are some of the pumpkin scents that came out this year.  I love anything pumpkin so I was obviously very excited about this.

Descriptions from the website:
Pumpkin Cupcake-Satisfy your sweet tooth with the scent of a freshly baked pumpkin cupcake covered in loads of rich buttercream frosting.
Pumpkin Caramel Latte-Gather with friends and celebrate the season with this warm, rich blend of creamy pumpkin, spiced caramel, and sweet cream.
Pumpkin Carving-Invite everyone over to enjoy the fun fragrance of making jack-o-lanterns in this blend of pumpkin, brown sugar, and nutmeg.
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin-Celebrate pumpkin season with this inviting mixture of harvest pumpkin, sweet vanilla cream, and fall's rich spices.
Pumpkin Apple-Expeience the blend of your two favorite fall scents-apples and pumpkin-enhanced by notes of cinnamon and clove.

These last 5 are part of another collection that came out.  A lot of these came out last year as well and I loved them, so I bought them again!!

Descriptions from the website:
Leaves-Celebrate the brilliant colors of autumn with this rich blend of golden nectar, red apple, and spiced berries.
Autumn-A crisp fall fragrance that blends dark pomegranate and red delicious apple with notes of fir balsam and rich cedarwood.
Cider Lane-As sweet as the trip to the local apple orchard each year, a delicious fall blend of mulled cider, warm caramel, and sweet cinnamon.
Sweater Weather-Cuddle up with an aromatic blend of eucalyptus, juniper berry, and fresh sage that celebrates the arrival of sweater weather.
Autumn Day-Inspired by the fresh air and brilliant colors of a stroll through a secluded wood in autumn with notes of oak, citrus, and golden amber.

Like I said, I will most likely be getting a few more along with some wallflowers and things so stay tuned!!  Thanks for reading!!

What I'm Melting Today 8/7/13

Niki's Wax Scent Shot-Strawberry Serendipity

This one smells like strawberry yogurt to me.  It's on the light side, but it has just enough scent.

I hope this post finds you all well.  It's been a little crazy around here.  Tonight I am off to ride some horses with a couple of my friends so I am excited for that.  This weekend is another rodeo weekend.  We have another one next week and then we're done until September.  It will be a much needed break!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

What I'm Melting Today 8/4/13

Rose Girls-Sugar Lemon Fizz

Another 11 hour shift as a waitress in the books.  I'm so glad I'll be done there in a few weeks!!  I came home and decided I was in the mood for lemon for some reason.  I'm hoping to place my first order with Rose Girls at the end of this week so I figured I should try some of their stuff out.  I got this one in a test lot a few weeks ago, so far I'm impressed!!  It's a nice, sweet lemon.  It's barely melted and it's already filling the whole room with fragrance.  I can't wait to order from them!!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Scent Illusion Haul

I just heard about this vendor and for some reason I just needed to try it.  Usually I don't like ordering from vendors that I've never heard of.  I like to read reviews from other people first.  I was pleasantly surprised!!  She has a short TAT time and everything smells great!!  I placed two different orders but I am going to do them both in one post because they were so close together.  Enjoy!!

Here are the samples that I got with the first order.  The descriptions are from the website.

Eucalyptus-Fresh picked eucalyptus leaves with hints of lime.
Tinsel-A blend of pomegranate, strawberries, raspberries, with a subtle hint of fresh peppermint leaves and fresh vanilla.
Little Black Dress-White carnation and blood orange are perfect with sandalwood, black rose, smoky wood, and a kiss of patchouli.  Hints of toasted vanilla bean and whiffs of amber, and the tiniest touch of egyptian musk for a smoky, sexy finish.
Marshmallow Lemon Berry Noel
Christmas Rumball
Coconut Water

Here are the tarts I got with my first order.  They are very reasonably priced.  They are $2 for a bag of 2.

A&F Fierce-Dupe of A&F-A confident and bold masculine scent.  You get a clean fresh citrus with a warm musk!
Butterfly Hugs-A fresh blend of apple blossom, lily of the valley, and rose petals.
Vineyard Grapes-Fresh picked sweet and sour grape aroma.
Lavender Apple-Red delicious apples, raspberries, plum, and sugar with hints of lavender.
Island Fresh Gain-Smells just like the laundry detergent.  Ocean breezes on a tropical island.
Apricot Sorbet-Juicy, vine-ripened apricots with hints of peach, melon, and a splash of sweet vanilla milk.
Grape Kool-aid-It smells just like grape kool-aid when we were kids.
Chanel No.5-Smells like the expensive original introduced by Coco Chanel in 1921.  Chanel No.5 remains one of the bestselling perfumes of all time.

I also got a large tart sampler for $20.00.  It came with 24 assorted tarts.

Tropical Cake
Sweet Zucchini Cake
Fresh Cut Roses
Blueberry Muffin
Keylime Coconut
Pink Baked Noel
Cherry Glazed Cake
Cinnamon Cider
Cherry Cotton Candy
Orange Zucchini Bread
Banana Colada
Marshmallow Lemon Berry Noel
Pink Sugared Chestnuts
Hawaiian Colada
Come N' Get It Cookies
Strawberry Satsuma
Poolside Paradise
Raspberry Jelly Cake Doughnut
Lilac Cotton Blossom
Banana Berry
Christmas Wassail
Lemon Sugar Cake 
Bakery Sensation

I also got the Death By Pumpkin Sampler for $12.00.  I'm a sucker for anything pumpkin.

Pumpkin Sugar Cookie Dough-Pumpkin pie and and sweet sugar cookies.  
Pumpkin Pie Ala Mode-Pumpkin pie with fresh baked apples and topped with a scoop of ice cream.
Apple Pumpkin Zucchini Bread-Fresh baked apples, creamy pumpkin pie filling all baked into a loaf of zucchini bread.
Apple Pumpkin Cheesecake Bread-Apple pumpkin cheesecake with wonderful ice cream scoop bread
Pumpkin Pie Marshmallow Crunch-Creamy pumpkin pie filling with rich Eagle Brand Milk; surrounded with freshly baked yellow cake, melted butter, pecans, and hints of spice topped off with melted marshmallow.
Pumpkins and Pralines-Just like the name!!
Pumpkin Spice Vanilla Latte-Pumpkin spice latte with lots of sweet vanilla.

Here is my second order along with the samples that I got.

Apple Bread-Fresh baked apples in a warm bread.
Apple Pumpkin Zucchini Bread-Fresh baked apples, creamy pumpkin pie filling all baked into a loaf of zucchini bread.
Peachy Ice Cream-Rich, creamy and delicious peachy vanilla ice cream swirl that screams summer!
Apple Pumpkin Cheesecake-Sweet yellow apples blended with pumpkin, vanilla, cream cheese, just the right spices, and a touch of cinnamon.
Lemon Lavender-Our version of fresh squeezed lemon and lavender for a unique blend.
Velvet Tuberose-BBW Dupe
Moonlight Path-BBW Dupe
Pumpkin Cheesecake-A delicious blend of smooth pumpkin, vanilla, cream cheese, and just the right amount of spices make this cheesecake a holiday favorite.
Pumpkin Pie Marshmallow Crunch-Creamy pumpkin pie filling with rich Eagle Brand Milk; surrounded with freshly baked yellow cake, melted butter, pecans, and hints of spice topped off with melted marshmallow.
Pumpkin Pie Ala Mode-Pumpkin pie with fresh baked apples and topped with a scoop of ice cream.
Pumpkin Spice Vanilla Latte-Pumpkin spice latte with lots of sweet vanilla.
Pumpkin Sugar Cookie Dough-Pumpkin pie and and sweet sugar cookies. 
Caramel Apple-An apple placed on a stick smothered in rich buttery caramel.
Pumpkin Souffle-A true-to-life fragrance bursting with fresh pumpkin.  Mouthwatering notes of butter, sugar, and spices complete this irresistible bakery fragrance.
Pearberries-BBW Dupe-A fruity fresh fragrance blend of ripened pear, raspberries, strawberries, and gooseberries, with slight musk undertones.
Lemon Raspberry-Fresh cut lemons sliced into a sun ripened raspberry drink.

Raspberry Jelly Cake Doughnut
Apple Caramel Confection
Little Black Dress
Sweet Zucchini Zest
Caramel Banana Cupcakes

Thanks for reading!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

What I'm Melting Today 8/2/13

Granny's Kountry Candles Simmering Melts-Tickled Pink

This is kind of a fruity scent.  It's a mix between fruity and clean.  It's one of my favorites from Granny's!!

Here it is August already, I can't even believe it.  I wish we could rewind summer because I feel like I missed the whole thing!!  I'm gonna try to get my stuff organized when I get home from work tonight so I can hopefully get some hauls up tomorrow.