Sunday, May 4, 2014

Yankee Candle Haul

So here I am with another Yankee Candle haul.  I know I just recently had one, but then I looked on the website and saw that they had a lot of new scents on there.  Not necessarily new because I think most of them were brought back, but they are new to me since I just recently switched over to Yankee.  So..I got 10, haha.

They were also having a deal at the time if you spent $30 you got an Illum-lid for $5 so I took advantage of that as well.  I have wanted this cat one for a while and I finally got it and I love it!!  I'm a vet tech student so I couldn't resist!

These are the large jars that I got.  The descriptions aren't on the website anymore because I think once they sold out they took them off, so sorry about that!!  The scents I got are:

Pineapple Paradise
Sheer Gardenia
Kiwi Berries
Sweet Melon
Farmer's Market
Sunwashed Linen
Caribbean Fruit
Island Mango

What I'm Burning 4/27/14

I know the dates on this post don't match up but that is because I actually started burning this candle a week ago, I just haven't had a chance to get this up until now.  I always get so excited to start burning a new candle.  I'm the type of person that has to finish an entire candle before I'll start a new one.  Partly because if I only burned a little bit at a time and had half burned jars I would have so many that I wouldn't have anywhere to put them all.  I'm already running out of room the way it is!!  When I went through my collection this is what I came up with this time around.

Description from the website:

Peaches & Berries - A juicy, sweet blend of fresh-picked, tender peaches, plump strawberries, and delightful raspberries